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Skin Rejuvenation

It’s simply the best version of you.

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What is Skin Rejuvination?

Widely accepted and clinically proven as the optimal nonsurgical treatment for age, solar and environmental damage, skin rejuvination improves tonem texture and skin laxity, reavealing smoother, younger, helathier-looking skin.

Is skin rejuvenation right for you?

Skin rejuvenation can treat those fine lines and wrinkles
you no longer find charming, or the dark patches and uneven pigmentation you struggle to cover daily, as well as many other signs of time, sun exposure, and environmental damage.

  • Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

    Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

  • Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

    Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

  • Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

    Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

  • Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

    Deep Wrinkles & Wrinkles

Treatment advantages bg

Alma’s Skin Rejuvenation Advantage

With best-in-class energy-based esthetic solutions, at Alma we master the various technologies, combining them into unique products that support advanced treatment protocols and
ensure quicker, better, more sustainable results.
  • no pain icon

    no pain

    Most treatments
    are virtually painless

    minimal to no downtime

    Lunchtime’ or ‘weekend’ procedures
  • minimal to no Limitations

    No dos and don’ts
  • safe for any kind of skin icon

    any skin type

    Safe for all
    6 skin types

Indications & Results

Alma Q Professor Artzi after
Alma Q Professor Artzi

Courtesy of: Professor Ofir Artzi

After Harmony Kimberlee Smith MSN FNP-C post 3 tx
Before Harmony Kimberlee Smith MSN FNP-C post 3 tx

Courtesy of:Kimberlee Smith MSN FNP-C
post 3 tx

Courtesy of Dr Guillermo Badaracco

After Harmony Dr Vucetic
Before Harmony Dr Vucetic

Courtesy of: Dr Vucetic

Frequently asked questions

  • Alma EnRoot serum will protect, maintain, and fortify the hair, preventing hair loss.

  • Alma EnRoot is an Expertly-crafted concentrated formula that combines active ingredients that work synergistically to improve hair and scalp health.

  • Individuals with mild to moderate concerns such as: Localized balding and hair thinning.

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Looking for our world wide clinics?Looking for our world wide clinics?Looking for our world wide clinics?Looking for our world wide clinics?
Looking for our world wide clinics?
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What’s Your Concern?

Alma DuoTM

A series of six 15-minute treatments is carried out by a trained practitioner, over the course of three weeks.

  • NO pills
  • NO needles
  • NO surgery
  • NO topical anesthetic
  • NO recovery time

Vaginal dryness

Alma’s unique laser treatment stimulates tissue remodeling and improves symptoms of vaginal dryness that can be caused by reduced estrogen levels.

Vaginal looseness

By strengthening and rebuilding the collagen of the vaginal walls, FemiLift contracts existing tissue, enhancing lubrication and vaginal tightness, and improving sexual satisfaction

Chronic skin condition

Laser treatment of lichen sclerosus – a chronic, inflammatory skin condition – is relatively simple and effective, helping patients with advanced, continuing symptoms.