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Dr. Iva Stoilova

How Alma Lasers is supporting a first-class Dubai clinic in developing its elite international practice
Dr. Iva Stoilova

“We have worked with Alma for over 10 years and we have grown daily.” 

Dr. Iva Stoilova, Owner and managing Director
Clinic ID:
Dr. Iva Stoilova, Dermavist

37 full-time international professionals

Alma devices:
  • DermaClear
  • Soprano Ice
  • Soprano Titanium
  • Accent Prime
  • Hybrid
  • Harmony XL

Esthetic and cosmetic facial and body treatments


World-class provider of tailored treatments

One of the most prominent clinics in Dubai, Lucia Clinic is dedicated to providing world-class face, skin, and body contouring treatments in a comfortable, private setting.


With an emphasis on achieving natural-looking, beautiful results with minimal downtime, the clinic uses the latest equipment and techniques to provide tailored treatment options that recognize the uniqueness and individuality of each patient.


Regularly attending world congresses, listening to and understanding their clients, the Lucia Clinic team of experts not only follow trends – they set them.

The Alma Element

Best-in-market esthetic solutions

As a leader in the GCC market, Lucia Clinic prides itself on working only with the best, making a partnership with Alma Lasers – a world-leading provider of cutting-edge, energy-based solutions for the surgical, medical esthetics, and beauty markets – a natural fit.


The clinic owns six Alma platforms:
DermaClear, Soprano Ice, Soprano Titanium, Accent Prime, Hybrid,
and Harmony XL.


With the belief that knowledge is power, all team members – including the marketing team – regularly attend Alma Academy events and host in-house training. This ensures that they, and their patients, get the maximum out of every treatment.

Best-in-market esthetic solutions

The Impact

Enhanced reputation, increased business

Lucia Clinic describes its direct cooperation with Alma as a ‘strategic alliance’, working together to educate male and female clients in the Middle East on the benefits of each procedure. As its clients become more aware and educated about Alma Lasers, Lucia’s reputation as a first-class esthetic clinic in Dubai is enhanced.


The business continues to grow daily, with an increase of 13 percent in the number of male patients, a 24 percent increase in female patients – including A-list celebrities coming to Dubai from around the world for their specialized treatments – and 20 percent more procedures being carried out overall.

  • 13 %
    No. of male customers
  • 24 %
    No. of female customers
  • 20 %
    Total no. of procedures
* Weighted annual data, comparison of 2022 to 2021

In the clinic’s own words

“Continuous improvement is at the heart of our company culture, which is why we are always first with new devices, products, and solutions. We have worked hard to be where we are today, and our cooperation with Alma Lasers has undoubtedly contributed to our success.”

In the clinic’s own wordsPlay
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